Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Someday Recipes

I have a HUGE paper grocery bag filled to the breaking point with "Someday" recipes: Someday I will make this, Someday I will sort this, Someday I will file this, Someday I will chuck this whole bag in the trash. So far, Someday hasn't arrived. BUT, I am getting a little closer since I got my new iPhone 4S. (Okay, so I haven't quite figured out my relationship with Siri, have become addicted to playing Mahjong, and stopped carting around my digital camera ever since I heard that Annie Leibovitz recommended the iPhone camera for candid pix.)

My moment of clarity occurred as I flipped through Gayle's über-neatly organized 3-ring binder of collected recipes, complete with clear plastic sleeves. Of course, I saw quite a few recipes that I wanted to try so I began rummaging around in my purse for a pen in order to write them all down. (Sure...like I need more recipes.) And there it was — my iPhone — I realized that the Annie Leibovitz-recommended camera was offering me a short-cut...the path to my Someday!!

In particular, I was drooling over a "Pear-Pecan Upside-Down Cake" that is baked in a crockpot. Looking at the page Gayle had pulled out of the November 2009 issue of Food Network Magazine, I could almost smell how delicious this cake would be...pears, butter, brown sugar, pecans, cornmeal?? Yep, I had to try it, thus it became my first Someday Recipe Photo.

And that's my not-so-secret secret for getting rid of stockpiled recipes: photos I can file away via iPhoto...no wasted time spent copying, loose papers getting lost, thick folders to store, etc...just *snap* & toss. See if this works for you, too (click on the smaller photo to see the full-size, aka readable, version):

...ripped from the pages...

My instincts were right — this cake smelled wonderful as it slow-baked for 3 hours and it was perfectly timed for our Sunday after-dinner sweet-treat. The pears were juicy, the brown sugar/butter gooey topping was sweet and slightly salty, the cake was moist with a really distinctive texture. I'm absolutely making this again soon!

...the final result...

Buon appetito!

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At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

And it was delicious, too!


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