Friday, October 01, 2010

My last day in Okeechobee for this visit. I'm exhausted--I want to go home yet I want to stay here. So this recipe (and message) is for my Dad: When your supply runs out, Dad, you may be able to check this posting and make your own. And I love you and Mom so very much.

Salad Crispies

✔ 1 pkg. ramen noodles (discard flavor packet!)
✔ 1 cup shelled pecan halves
✔ 2 tablespoons butter
✔ pinch of salt

Place pecans and dry noodles in a Ziplock gallon bag and break up with a rubber mallet (yes, Dad--you can use the aluminum meat tenderizer). Melt butter in a skillet over medium heat, then add the broken pecans and noodles, stirring to distribute butter. Keep stirring until the noodles begin to turn very light brown. You may add a little sprinkle of salt but it's not necessary. Watch to be sure that noodles and pecans don't burn--it can happen very quickly! Store in an airtight container and use *liberally* on top of your favorite salad!

(Thanks, Gayle, for sharing this recipe you received from's become my fave! xo)

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