Friday, October 01, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After two tearful "see you soons" this morning with dad at the house and mom at the hospital, I drove through a shit-storm of those awful "lovebugs" (Plecia nearctica) from Okeechobee to Orlando in order to catch a flight home. In other news, today is Day 2 of treatment for conjunctivitis (huge thanks to Doc Bermea for calling in a prescription from Akron to Okeechobee!)--I probably picked up the virus at the hospital, despite my excessive use of Purell and lots of handwashing...go figure.

But I'm so tired and need to skip a night of recipe posting. Who knows, maybe I'll post two tomorrow. Or maybe not. It's just that Harvey and the pups are luring me to an early bedtime to which I'm not opposed.

G'night, all, wherever you are... Zzzzzzzzz


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