Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jamaican Wings--the best wings everrrrr

Sorry, no backstory today: Debbie Smith is getting married tomorrow and we need to get some sleep before the glorious event. We are surrounded by happiness and love!!!

Speaking of love, Harvey loves wings. And this recipe went straight to his heart...but not in a bad way. With some planning ahead and very little effort, you, too, can make the best wings ever...perfect for football season!

Jamaican Wings

✔ 1 cup fresh lime juice (bottled, if you have to)
✔ 1 cup soy sauce
✔ 1 cup rum, heated in a skillet and flambéd so all the alcohol is burned off (volume will decrease by at least 1/2)

Marinate a large pack of chicken wings in the above ingredients for 1-2 days (2 days is best). To prepare the wings for serving, first drain them in a large colander. Dredge wings in flour and then deep fry in oil until crispy-done. My favorite dipping sauce is a dish of soy sauce enhanced with fresh grated ginger and a few drops of garlic hot sauce to add a little spice. Yummmmm...!

(Note: you can adjust the volume of marinade according to the amount of wings you'd like to make, keeping the ratio 1:1:1.)


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